Imli Toffee (Imli Ladoo, Imli Pop)

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 Imli Popz is made of tamarind pulp and sugar and wrapped coated with powdered sugar to keep it fresh and non sticky. It is soft and chewy with sweet and mild tangy in taste. Tamarind Candies work as a tasty appetizer which can be taken after any meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. It help in the digestive process and digest the food with ease. Since ages, Imli Pachak or khatti meethi tamarind without seeds is an Indian after-meal mouth freshener with less sugar. Desi Indian Churan that is very healthy and beneficial to digestion system and can have at any time of the day. Tamarind Candies comes in a handy zipper stand-up pouch, Strong zip lock so that Imli Pops remain fresh and free from moisture. Candy Type: Soft, Chewy, Tangy & Sweet Flavor |

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