Amritsari Besan Pinni Mithai

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Amritsari Famous Pinni is a type of Punjabi and North Indian cuisine dish that is eaten mostly in winters. It is served as a dessert and is made from Desi ghee, wheat flour, jaggery and almonds. Raisins may also be used.

Ghee is an essential part of every winter dessert as it helps keep the body warm from within.

*Pinnis are usually prepared during winter and are typically served to a pregnant woman during her last trimester and postpartum. If a new mother is breastfeeding, pinni is known to provide energy.

*Pinnis do not go bad for a long time and do not require to be chilled.

*Pinnis increase the body’s ability to fight infections.


  • Wheat flour (atta)
  • Fine sooji
  • Superfine sugar (or powdered jaggery)
  • Melted ghee
  • Chopped almonds and pistachios
  • Yellow raisins
  • Cardamon powder


BESAN Pinni is most famous mithai in Amritsar and India. It gives u yummy taste in winters. This pinni prepared by PURE DESI GHEE.

Pinni has always been its specialty. Pinni is basically a Punjabi dessert made up of pure desi ghee, wheat flour, jaggery, and almonds. The product is ready to be delivered at your doorstep. The product is adulteration-free and there is no compromise done with the quality and freshness of the product.

No chemicals or added preservatives are used in this product. Visit your nearest Harilal’s store or order online.

For added flavor, use khoya in the pinnis.[3] Pinni is a joint sweet dish in North India and the Punjab region, also called pindi.[4] Pinnis do not go bad for a lengthy time and do not require to be chilled. Pinnis are covered with crushed cardamom and preferably served warm with tea or warm dairy.[5]

Pinni is also a general term for desserts or sweets prepared in a round shape.[2]

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